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HandMadeInCT.com will be undergoing a major overhaul in the coming weeks. We regretfully will no longer offer a member area. Although, the selection available from having the many talented artists in Connecticut as members was nice, the cost associated with maintaining a member catalog has become unbearable.
All items listed on HandMadeInCT.com will now be made by hand by a HandMadeInCT.com artist.
What's New On HandMadeInCT.com

- We will only sell items made by us. Guaranteeing the Made In CT authenticity.
- All items will be shipped COD, eliminating the need for a Credit Card.
- Many new items added to the catalog.
- Now with 3 ways to order, NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED. We will ship COD!!

  Baskets   Bridal
  Candles   Centerpieces
  Cloth   Dolls
  Exotic Boxes   Floral Decorations
  Flower Pots   Holidays
  Natural   Paintings
  Picture Frames   Plush
  Skin Care   Unique Decorations
  Wall Bouquet   Wedding / Party Favors
  Wood Boxes   Woodworking
Did you know....

- You can use vinegar and hot water to help remove wallpaper.
- To prevent the string that comes off the hot glue gun, simply keep your glue sticks in the freezer until ready to use. Works like a champ!
- Lanolin free baby wipes are excellent for cleaning your stencils.

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